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Selling? Here Are Questions To Ask When Interviewing Your Agent

Selling in Fort McMurray- Questions to Ask When Interviewing an Agent

Now more than ever, due to economic down turn and our current market conditions, it is imperative to hire a REALTOR® that offers you real, sound advice.

Here are a few questions I would ask when hiring an agent in Fort McMurray:

1. Experience- What is your experience with selling real estate in Fort McMurray? When looking for an agent you want to find someone who has the necessary skills to provide you with a ‘Sold’ sticker for your ‘For Sale’ sign. You will want to consider how many homes they have sold and how long they have been in real estate as this is good information to know- you do not want your home to be your agent’s first listing.

2. Full-Time vs. Part-Time- Are you a full time REALTOR®? Be aware of those part-timers who will list your home but then can’t deliver because they have “another” job.

3. Who- Who am I hiring? Sometimes agents take listings then shuffle off the listing to another agent and you end up feeling unimportant. Don’t you deserve to be number one? I think so! Make sure the agent signing your paperwork is the one who will actually be doing the work to sell your home or at least know who else you’ll be communicating with up front.

4. Marketing- How will you market the sale of my home? When selling a home in Fort McMurray it is now more important than ever to hire an agent who will give your home full exposure from all the social media platforms, to creating a compelling story about your...

Buying? Here Are Questions To Ask When Interviewing Your Agent

Buying In Fort McMurray- Questions To Ask When Interviewing An Agent

When you look at Real Estate in Fort McMurray there is only one way to put it- ever changing. Our region is so very different to any other in Canada; people move here from all over the world for opportunity with most ending up loving our amazing community and taking the leap into home ownership. When the time comes to purchase your new home, which is more than likely the biggest purchase you will make, you deserve the best guidance. I’ve been active in Real Estate for over 8 years and I’ve seen how the market fluctuates. In my opinion, it is critical to have someone on your side to help you make your largest investment your smartest investment.  

Here are a few questions I would ask when hiring an Agent in Fort McMurray:

1.     Experience- What is your experience with Real Estate in Fort McMurray? You want to find someone who understands the market. When you look at Fort McMurray entry-level housing, I often hear people saying “I could get a house on a hill where I’m from.” However, the average cost of a house is not to be taken lightly so when you make the decision to take that leap- whether it be from renting, relocating, or moving up in the market, you really want your investment to be the right one.

It is imperative your Agent has in-depth knowledge and can anticipate and address issues before they arise. Questions like: What is a PWF? Copper wiring vs. aluminum wiring? How will we know a home has asbestos? A well versed Agent will sit down and really take...


It is 2017 and I would like to touch base in regards to Real Estate in Fort Mcmurray.  As we all know 2016 was a year of horrible loss for our community but with this loss I have seen tremendous compassion, empathy and love. I know that our community is coming together, rising above and pushing forward. Over the next few years to come as we rebuild, I want to offer my assistance to anyone who is left picking up the pieces and starting over. If you ever need help with finding out old MLS information for your property, tips on what questions to ask when you are interviewing builders/contractors, interior design suggestions, insurance struggles or just if you need someone to listen; I will be here for you.

What is going to happen to the Real Estate Market you ask? Well, during these tough economic times there is still movement. People are still Buying and Selling. Yes the average days on market are higher then we would like but with properly pricing your home and effective marketing you will still get sold stickers put on your for sale sign. I think that 2017 is going to be a year where things will slowly rev up and though I do not have the crystal ball I do believe it will be a great year for all!

I hope we all move into 2017 with positive can do attitudes, set big goals, work hard... really hard, and hold ourselves accountable as 2017 has no room for excuses!!! In closing, one of my favorite quote for successes is "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." Thomas A. Edison

Jennifer Fahey

Real Advice, Real Results



Just in time for the new year!!! After months of hard work I am very excited to say my new website is officially launched. Please feel free to share this site with friends, family and anyone you know looking to Sell or Buy. Is has the most up to date listing information of ALL the properties for sale in Fort McMurray and best home search tools possible. You will also find excellent Buyer and Seller Guides and my Blog which will be very busy in 2017. If you have any questions about the site please feel free send me a message.
Jennifer Fahey
Real Advice, Real Results