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Be Prepared: The Importance of a Complete Emergency Checklist

Wildfires can strike with little warning, turning everyday moments into urgent decisions. As the threat of wildfires becomes increasingly common, having a complete emergency checklist is essential for safeguarding your home and loved ones. This checklist isn't just a list of items—it's a lifeline, a comprehensive guide designed to help you navigate the chaos of an emergency with clarity and confidence. Here is a comprehensive emergency checklist to help ensure you and your family are ready to act swiftly and effectively when every second counts.

Emergency Checklist

Emergency Checklist


Dealing with Wildfires

Having experienced the wildfires in 2016, we understand the overwhelming challenges that come with such natural disasters. In light of the ongoing wildfires, here are some crucial details to help those currently dealing with wildfires and how a Realtor can provide support during these trying times.

Start Your Claim

If you get evacuated, and you do not know the status of your home, you may not know it for a week or, like in Fort McMurray, over 3 weeks. There is more coverage than just your home. Your insurance may cover additional hotel, food, and evacuation expenses. Important! Keep ALL receipts so you can claim all expenses incurred. Receipts can also get smeared and lost easily. If you can, take a photo with your smartphone, ensuring it is clearly legible.

Expect delays

The insurance companies in these wildfire scenarios...