Finding love in Fort McMurray: The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Date

With most people moving into the new year with the mentality of frugality, I am offering you some cost-efficient and awesome ways to treat your honey and spend less money! Here are some cost-saving date ideas in YMM for that last-minute valentine date.

Breakfast in Bed


breakfast in bed

Treat your king or queen to a hot cooked meal and start the morning right with some laughs. If work starts at too early of a time, sneak a love note or some heart cookies in their lunch. They will surely enjoy the gesture!

Steal a scene from “Serendipity


hot cocoa red heart mug

Go skating at Mac Island or an outdoor rink with a cup of hot cocoa. Sometimes being able to enjoy some exercise while holding hands and a few laughs is a date well spent.

Furry Friends


dog with rose

For all those animal lovers, go to the SPCA and pick out some cute hounds and take them for a walk. This is surely a nice quality time to enjoy with your date. There’s nothing better than being able to give back, especially to furry cuties who have never found fur-ever home... Who knows? Maybe you’ll end up taking one home too!

Two Can Dine for $5.99!


romantic dinner

Well, let’s be honest. Gone are the days of cheap dining... However, pick somewhere that is more cost-effective that you know will have great food. What’s important is that you are both present in the room. Put your phones away, enjoy the conversation and give each other quality time - that’s what really matters.

Feeling artistic?

art supplies painting

Hit up the dollar store, buy some cheap white canvas and paint. Paint portraits of each other and save the reveal as a surprise. They may not be the best drawings, but if anything, you’ll enjoy looking at each other,  laughing and appreciating each other a lot more.

No Flowers


Save yourself $150 on roses that will maybe last seven days… Instead, plan a way where you can both support the charities that’s on top of each of your lists.

No Cookie Cutter Cards


handmade valentine's day card

Hallmark holiday? No way! Put in the time and effort to make a hand made card with love. Write a poem, profess your love or give a meaningful picture. If that doesn’t make your partner feel loved, I don’t know what will!

Good luck with your valentine and may cupid hit you with an arrow this Valentine’s Day!


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