Fun Last Minute Summer Ideas for You and Your Family


End the season on a high note with these simple but super fun summer activities for the whole family!

  • Go on a picnic (or host one!). Pack a picnic basket with your favorite sandwiches or salads, and go out.  Eat with your family some place other than a dining table.  You can also host a picnic-style luncheon with friends or your relatives. Be it in a park or your backyard.  One thing for sure is this is a refreshing twist to your usual get together.
  • Go camping. Plan a simple camping trip.  Bust out your tents, sleeping bags, board games, and get together with your friends or the whole family for some quality time out in the woods.  A low-key option for kids is taking them on a “camping trip” to your backyard - BUT with all the bells and whistles, so they’d still get to experience all the fun activities associated with spending some quality time with their friends outdoors.
  • Go swimming one more time. Enjoy a fun day at the pool, Gregoire Lake, or a splash park one last time before summer ends; or don’t miss out on your chance to go swimming this summer if you haven’t had the chance to do it yet.  Take lots of photos - make memories with your family, and don’t forget to hydrate and wear sunscreen!
  • Frozen Treats! Spend a day with your family and friends and enjoy healthy home-made frozen treats, like fruit popsicles made with berries and coconut water, or different sorbet options made with your favorite fruits.  Turn it up a notch by making a make-your-own Sundae bar!  Here are some inspiring ideas that you’ll surely love.  For an adults-only version of this fun summer escape, host a barbecue with frozen margaritas, some frozen sangria, or a few pints of ice cold microbrews!
  • Have a DIY day. Channel your inner Martha Stewart!  Go to town on Pinterest and gather ideas for useful and easy to make DIY projects for your home, your kids, or for back-to-school season!  Spend a weekend with your kids crafting and getting in touch with your artistic side!

Don’t miss out on all the fun activities that you can do. Summer’s still here, and it’s waiting for you! Enjoy!

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