Top 11 Easy Home Improvement Tips and Projects - and here is why


There are a lot of home improvement ideas available for your home. Here are a couple of easy ones, so read on!

Jazz up your house numbers. It’s one of the first things people see when they come to your house anyway. Here are some great ideas for you!

Give your windows a makeover. Update your curtains, curtain rods, and holdbacks/tiebacks. Matching them with the room’s overall color palette or theme makes it even better!

Restyle your bookcase. Decorated bookcases are a delight! Use like-colored items for your decor, and add pops of metallic finishes to create a cohesive flow without sacrificing style.

Add some greenery. An indoor plant in the living room, fresh herbs in the corner of your kitchen, or an assortment of  low-maintenance succulents will give more life to your home.

Give your cabinets an Anthropologie feel. Class them up with painted knobs and pulls. They don’t have to have the same patterns or colors. Mix them up!

Organize your kitchen. Using a lazy susan or under-counter swing-out corner storage helps organize a clutter zone.

Update your backsplash. Give the conventional white subway tile backsplash a rest and consider copper hues, reflective finishes, or mosaic tiles. There’s something in this selection for everyone!

Switch it up. Switch plates need attention too! Here’s an array of decorative switch plate covers that you can take inspiration from.

Give awkward spaces a purpose. Turn that awkward corner in your home into a cozy reading nook or place a console table behind the door. The list goes on! Here are some suggestions that you’ll definitely love.

Repurpose an extra closet. If you have one to spare, turn that space into something that you know you’ll use, like a mini home office, a gift wrapping station, or a place to store your collectibles.

Make your front door stand out. Finally, nothing says, “Welcome Home!” than an inviting front door. Give it a fresh wash of color, and you’ll immediately notice the difference!


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